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Memories of Tomorrow

About The Game

You and your friends Genki, Sakura and Hinata all want to have one last fun memory to remember each other by just in case you don’t see each other again after high school. You have grown distant from them in recent months but are doing your best to reconnect.

Follow the story, your story, of rebuilding friendships and strengthening your bonds with the people closest to you.

What People Are Saying

Really like the character designs. VN isnt my type of game, but the art was really good and the music/sound seemed spot on. For a VN seemed like a solid game (really liked the phone text sections as it added some variety to the normal text).
Very Spooky. Good looks and great music. This had me hooked for quite a long time.
Really cool game! The UI and graphics are handsome beautiful. 10/10 story game. Keep up the work bro
Cute and interesting game! Good job!
Mint Eye
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